I Know I Want to Become an IBCLC. Are There Scholarship Opportunities Available?

Like any career path you may choose, becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant has a number of requirements, and they usually cost money. We believe you should be able to follow your dreams and become an integral part of the healthcare community as an IBCLC. Your socioeconomic background should not be a deciding factor. Because of this belief, we have created a list of some of the opportunities for scholarships and grants available to those seeking a career as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Since becoming an IBCLC is a certification process and not a degree, time spent acquiring the education and clinical hours that qualify you to sit the exam are often not covered by traditional financing or scholarship/grant opportunities. The organizations listed are making strides to break down the barriers that stand in the way of many people getting the lactation education they require to become an IBCLC.

It is important to note that LiquidGoldConcept does not endorse these opportunities or receive any compensation for providing the references on this page. We are posting this for information purposes only.

Scholarship & Grant Opportunities

A nonprofit located in North Carolina providing scholarships to those aspiring to become IBCLCs in an effort to bring equity to breastfeeding and lactation education.

FastWeb is an online repository for all things school and funding-related. This page provides a list of opportunities for aspiring IBCLCs to apply to for a variety of levels of funding.

The Scholarship offered by MILCC gives priority to prospective candidates who would be working in areas with families who have limited access to the services of an IBCLC. This scholarship is specifically to offset the cost of sitting the IBLCE exam.

USLCA recently launched a new scholarship program aimed at funding those in marginalized communities to become an IBCLC. They offer two types of scholarships, one for breastfeeding education, and one for examination fees.

DLCA/DABA offers scholarships for the full amount of the fees and costs associated with sitting the IBLCE exam. This award is given after the applicant has sat and passed the examination.

Offering a few different types of grants, scholarships, and stipends, the FLCA seeks to mentor the next generation of IBCLC on their journey to certification.

SELCA has a few different scholarship offerings. The most notable are to offset the cost of CERPS and to help with the cost of sitting the IBCLE exam.

ABN awards scholarships to black aspiring lactation consultants. Their mission is to endorse and model a culture of inclusion, diversity, and equity in breastfeeding education.

Those sitting to obtain or recertify as an IBCLC are eligible for the scholarship provided by MALC.

Breastfeeding Coalitions

In addition to the funding opportunities listed above, state and local breastfeeding coalitions may provide opportunities for scholarships and grants. The number of coalitions out there is too numerous to list. We suggest doing a web search to find out what groups are available near you. A great place to start is this list of breastfeeding coalitions provided by the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee.

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