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The Pathway 3 Global Mentorship Program

The LiquidGoldConcept Pathway 3 Global Mentorship Program is a virtual program designed to prepare students around the world and from a variety of backgrounds for a career as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) through clinically rigorous, structured, and tailored mentorship.

The Pathway 3 Global Mentorship Program was created to address common challenges encountered by aspiring IBCLCs:

  1. Finding an IBCLC mentor is the #1 challenge for aspiring IBCLCs, which has created a lack of access to the profession and inadequate care for mothers, parents, and infants. 
  2. Finding a diverse group of IBCLC mentors to learn from is even more challenging, resulting in a biased training experience from one IBCLC who may not be practicing in the most evidence-based way. 
  3. Exposure to diverse patient settings and situations is impossible, resulting in poor preparation of candidates leaving them feeling unprepared to support dyads. 

What is included in this program: 

  • 103 hours of clinically-rigorous training through telesimulations with standardized patients, independent study modules, and group discussions (Lactation Education + Communication Hours) over 4 months.
  • Virtual mentorship from diverse IBCLCs with two face-to-face interactions per month & unlimited text-based support for the supervision of each student’s independent lactation practice for 12 months. The IBCLC mentor will supervise the student’s existing or planned consults with pregnant, breast/chestfeeding, and lactating families.
  • A global network of aspiring IBCLC peers and practicing IBCLCs forming the Alumni Success program 
  • Certification as an Advanced Lactation Specialist (cALS)

What are the Costs Associated with this Program?

The tuition for the Pathway 3 Global Mentorship Program is $4,995. We have a couple of tuition payment options available.

What is Included:

  • 16-month program from September 2021 to December 2022. Program orientation to be held in mid-to-late August.
  • 103 hours of lactation-specific education using telesimulation with standardized patients, which includes the five required communication hours for $995 (we normally value this education at over $1,600).
  • Virtual face-to-face (2x per month) and text-based (unlimited) supervision from diverse IBCLCs for all 500 clinical hours for $3,000, or just $8 per clinical hour10+ clinical hours/week required.
  • A global network of aspiring IBCLC peers and practicing IBCLCs forming the Alumni Success program (lifetime access for continued and support is invaluable)
  • Certification as an Advanced Lactation Specialist (cALS)
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How Does it Work? And Other Frequently Asked Questions

Download Pathway 3 Global Mentorship Program FAQ

Apply for the LiquidGoldConcept Pathway 3 Global Mentorship Program Today!

What are the requirements to enroll in the Pathway 3 Global Mentorship Program? To enroll, you must have:

  • Written and oral proficiency in English.
  • Completed and passed the 14 health sciences classes required by IBLCE, be a healthcare professional, or be enrolled in a degree-granting program as a healthcare professional.
  • Access to pregnant or lactating clients/patients so that you can accumulate at least 10 clinical hours per week starting January 1, 2022. 
  • Submit proof of current CPR certification (fee dependent on profession, certificate, country, etc.)
  • Submit proof of a national background check (fee dependent on profession, certificate, country, etc.).
  • Submit proof of liability/malpractice insurance (fee dependent on profession, certificate, country, etc.).

Prior completion of the 90 hours of lactation-specific education or 5 hours of communication is NOT required for enrollment in the Pathway 3 Global Mentorship Program.

Apply to the Pathway 3 Global Mentorship Program Now

Who is the ideal candidate for the Pathway 3 Global Mentorship Program?

Our ideal candidate is someone who wants individualized mentorship from diverse IBCLCs, desires rigorous clinical training, is already (or will soon be) providing at least 10 hours of lactation care per week to pregnant and/or postpartum people. 

We accept students based on the likelihood they will be able to accumulate 500 clinical hours between January 2022 and December 2022 so that they can apply to sit for the IBLCE exam in early 2023.

Other characteristics of our ideal candidates include:

  • Prior or current experience in any clinical setting.
  • Any prior exposure to lactation/breastfeeding education in a formal or informal setting (i.e., coursework, conferences, webinar).
    Note: Personal breast/chestfeeding or lactation experience does not apply.

Speak with Anna ( if you are unsure whether or not you fit the profile described above.

Pathway 3 Global Mentorship Program Overview

Step One: Apply and Get Approved by IBLCE

Match with your LiquidGoldConcept IBCLC mentor.
Work with LiquidGoldConcept mentor to develop your Pathway 3 Application and get approval from IBLCE.
Enroll and Pay Tuition $4,995 works out to under $8 per clinical hour. View tuition payment options.

Anticipated program start date: September 2021

Pathway 3 Mentor

Step Two: Complete 103 Clinically-Rigorous Lactation-Specific Education Hours (Includes 5 Communication Hours)

complete lactation specific multiple choice questions

Complete multiple-choice questions relating to lactation and breastfeeding.

engage with the actor-educator in a simulated patient encounter

Engage with the standardized patient in a virtual consult.

receive feedback on clinical performance

Get feedback on clinical performance from the standardized patient and a clinician.

Participate in group discussions with mentor and other IBCLC hopefuls

Meet with IBCLC Facilitator and other students to review, discuss, and learn from recent cases.

review, repeat, grow your learning

Lather, rinse, repeat. Ahem. We mean review, repeat, grow your future IBCLC skills!

Step Three: Complete 500 Supervised Clinical Hours with Real Pregnant and Lactating People

Earn Advanced Lactation Specialist Certificate (cALS).
Work with your IBCLC mentor to create a tailored plan for your supervised clinical practice hours.

  • Each student in LiquidGoldConcept’s Pathway 3 Global Mentorship Program must have access to their own clients/patients to obtain a minimum of 500 clinical hours.
  • LiquidGoldConcept does not secure clinical placements for Pathway 3 students.
  • Independent supervised hours must be obtained by the student.
  • A LiquidGoldConcept IBCLC mentor will be assigned to students in the Pathway 3 Global Mentorhsip Program to provide virtual supervision during a student’s independently accumulated hours. 

The plan must be approved prior to the program start by LiquidGoldConcept and IBLCE.

Sit for the IBLCE exam & become an IBCLC!

Step Four: Receive Ongoing Support from LiquidGoldConcept with Job Placement and Mentorship

You have completed your training and passed the IBLCE exam! Congratulations! Now you are asking yourself, what do I do next? Unlike many other Pathway programs, LiquidGoldConcept is here with you for the long haul. Even after you have passed your exam, there are still times when you will have questions or need assistance finding the right position. With elective ongoing training and mentorship programs, we can assist you throughout your career.

Ongoing Support from LGC

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